8 Professions That Benefit From Adding Intuition To Your Toolbox

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Intuition is Natural – Your Sixth Sense

The next evolution in business thinking is to put more focus on innate wisdom as a means to solve business problems - to find solutions. Everyone has access to this tool, access to this resource is not dependent on rank or status.

In all my years of training thousands of people, I am yet to meet someone who isn’t naturally intuitive. Even a small dose of intuition can be harnessed and sharpened into a valuable tool, in life and business.

The future is yours to build, use your intuition to navigate to the highest potential within your profession.

In this article we'll outline ​how 8 professions use intuition as a primary tool to reach its goals. 

Every Profession Benefits from Adding Intuition to the Toolbox:


Anyone with experience in sales knows that you can train a hundred people in the same sales techniques but some salesmen and women outsell others because they have a seemingly magical connection to people. It’s not magic, its intuition!


True insight into a market is not gained so much through statistics and logical observation, but through being able to FEEL what the market FEELS and to anticipate market trends as they emerge – this is intuitive.


When the creative ideas stop flowing it’s because intuition is not flowing. Writers block, artists, graphic design and creative director’s block are all blocks in intuitive flow. Open the intuition and the creativity flows again.


Priests, monks, spiritual teachers find a bridge to their spiritual awareness and inspiration through intuition.


Trainers, public speakers and teachers who know how to truly connect to their audience deliver powerful teachings. The difference between a good and a great teacher is their ability to intuitively connect and to speak TO and not AT the audience and to speak from the heart.


Leaders, who are not intuitively CONNECTED, lose touch with the people they are meant to serve. A great leader speaks to the hearts of the people he or she serves, as if they intuitively know what to say and when.


All experienced businessmen and women know that timing is everything when building and growing a business. Success comes to those who capitalize on intuition in business.

Service, well-being and health

Many in the health and service industry know the pain of being overwhelmed by other people and their needs and demands. Those that thrive and provide quality service do so because they are able to CHOOSE what they are emotionally and intuitively tuned in to.

How do you use your intuition in your profession and daily life?